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Northern Alberta Hereford Club
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Hardisty Field Day - August 20, 2015
Hereford Genes Event - November 11, 2015
Western National Hereford Show - November 12, 2015

Northern Alberta Hereford Club
Commercial Breeder of the Year – 2015

Webbalta Ranches
Webbalta Ranches is a commercial Hereford cow/calf operation located on the south edge of the Neutral Hills north of Veteran. The Webbalta operation currently consists of Ken and Vivian Webb and their boys, Logan and Mason. Kens grandpa homesteaded in the Big Gap area of the Neutral Hills after moving here from Cor-de-lane, Idaho in 1908. They moved to the current location in the 1920’s. In the drought of the 1930’s they trailed the herd of between 150 – 180 head all the way to Onion Lake to winter and back again for calving. This was a 2 week drive. One year the entire herd fell through the ice of the North Saskatchewan River in -30 to -40 degree weather. They thought they would have extensive losses but the cold froze and ice coat on all the cattle and they never had a single sick one.

Ken’s dad and 3 or 4 men stayed in tents all winter taking care of the cattle. He said his dad never enjoyed or went camping again after that.

Webbalta Ranches currently run between 350 – 400 cows that are predominately Hereford with a few Baldies. They run between 25 – 28 Hereford bulls. They used to use Angus on their heifers but for the past 3 years have used exclusively Hereford. The bulls are sourced from many different breeders throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan.

In recognition of their loyalty and support of the Hereford breed the Northern Alberta Hereford Club would like to present Webbalta Ranches with the Commercial Breeder of the year award.

Northern Alberta Hereford Club Directors – 2015

President Gary Seutter   780-387-4832
Vice President Sheldon Archibald    780-754-2850
Executive Director Rob Livingston   780-763-0009
Secretary Karen Butler    780-855-2340
Treasurer Ron Berg 780-672-6292
AHA Rep Blair Fenton 780-754-2891
  Norm Parrent            780-348-5835
  Bruce Butler 780-855-2340
  Ken Rutledge 780-888-2814
  Conrad Fenton 780-209-3600
  Harvey Zieger 780-674-4878

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